Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saying Farewell With Dances!

Monday night the students, faculty, and staff gathered for our farewell dinner. We were entertained, first, by 12 traditional Bhutanese performances.  The program dancers were both men and women.  The most entertaining was Drametse Nga Cham, a religious dance that incorporated masks.  This dance was performed only by men and has roots in eastern Bhutan.  The masks added a dramatic dimension.  Both male and female dancers performed Deki ki Nyem, a traditional Bhutanese folk dance that symbolizes happiness, to end the show.  To our surprise, there was a final dance after what we thought was the end.  The Tashi Tashi is a farewell and good luck dance, all guests were invited to attend the performance circle. It took most of us some time to catch on, but we all really enjoyed how it lightened the mood and brought everyone together.  
After the performances, we all enjoyed dinner and conversations with people we have grown to love and learn from.  As we were enjoying our time, some realized the bitter-sweetness of the moment. Most of us will never come back to RTC or Bhutan, however, what we learned while we were here I believe was a life changing experience for us all. 
We will always cherish Bhutan!
Cassandra W. 


  1. I hope John got some of the dancing on film!

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