Friday, May 24, 2013

How We Played a Small Role in Promoting Hope!

The main focus of today’s activities was education. With that in mind, we visited Loden Foundation (, one of Bhutan’s first registered charities. 
The Loden Foundation supports education and economic growth in Bhutan. The Foundation has programs that “promote education, learning, and entrepreneurship among the Bhutanese children and young adults.” Their programs aid students from pre-school through post school. Their pre-school program targets children between ages three to six years through early learning centers, especially in rural areas.  Another program the Loden Foundation has is a need based scholarship program. The scholarship program aims to help students pursue higher education. The students are selected by combining both financial needs and merit. The third program that the Foundation runs is the Loden Entrepreneurship Program; this aims to increase employment among young adults with academic credentials. The program provides students with training and support. The program also extends business start-up loans to young aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Foundation also has a sponsorship program which, for US$150, can provide basic education and care for one child for a year. The situation for many young children in Bhutan is that their families cannot provide essential care. The Loden Foundation seeks funds from donors which are then used to provide for items such as clothes school supplies, food, etc. Currently, the foundation is supporting 70-80 children through this program.  
I am proud to say that we, as a group, raised enough money which we gave to the Foundation to support two kids for a year. Our small way of trying to make a difference in the World!
Arianna A.


  1. Good for y'all! Altruism at work!

  2. I know what I'm giving my family for Christmas. We do charity/donations for gifts instead of traditional items. They would love being a part of this!


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