Thursday, May 16, 2013

Our Journey has Begun!

Finally after over two years of Dr. Goswami’s planning the Bhutan RTC Trip 2013 is taking place. Our first flight was from Corpus Christi at 11 am. Bags packed and passports ready we were seen off by parents and friends. The first leg was to Houston with transfer to Newark. The flight out of Newark was a total of 13 hours and 7600 miles to New Delhi, India. We were all excited to see Dr. Goswami in his “he-is-from-this-part-of the world;” it made things more fun.

We were all exhausted by the time that we reached New Delhi. The diversity of the population was apparent as soon as we stepped off the plane. We were warmly greeted by the staff of the Pamposh Guest house. The driving in India is quite different from the United States with no set lanes or clear traffic laws. We had a great Indian meal and enjoyed the scene from the balcony after our meal.

In the morning we had breakfast and walked in the park next to the hotel. There were groups of people doing yoga classes and going for a morning stroll; we enjoyed this quick snapshot of New Delhi. The flight from New Delhi stopped in Nepal. As we flew along the Himalayas we saw Mt. Everest and Kanchenjunga – two of the three highest mountains in the world! It was an awesome experience. We arrived in Bhutan when we landed in Paro – a spectacularly located airport.  We were greeted by Tshering Dolkar from RTC and traveled 1.5 hours on windy roads through the rugged terrain of the Himalayan Mountains. After over two days of traveling we finally reached RTC’s beautiful campus; We were greeted by staff and students who welcomed us with cultural performances. We felt welcomed right away! It was apparent that they were as excited as us. The genuine happiness of the people we met was inspirational and created a wonderful welcoming experience. We start our first activities tomorrow. We are happy to be in Bhutan!

Brianna B.


Park in Greater Kailash II district New Delhi

Mount Everest 8,848 m
Airport Paro, Bhutan


  1. Beautiful pictures and a story that makes me feel transported. You are true ambassadors.

  2. I still cannot keep saying how jealous I am of the experiences that y'all are having. I understand the exhaustion of a two day trip overseas, but I'm sure it's all worth it!


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