Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Got Milk?

As our bus pushed over another steep mountain range, I saw the sign: National Dairy Development Center. My eyes immediately widened. I was filled with excitement and ready to learn about a part of Bhutan’s livestock industry. I was very interested in how this particular industry was developing in a country that is advancing in such a fast rate.
As we entered the building we were greeted with huge, warm smiles. They escorted us to a conference room where they served us tea and then presented a PowerPoint about the center. We learned that the main breeds they use are Jersey, Brown Swiss and some of their native breed cattle. One of the main things this center does is provide farmers with the equipment to be  sustainable dairy farmers. Any farmer who wants to participate in this project has to fill out an application and turn it in to the dairy center. The applicant has to meet specific requirements. Once the farmer has established its dairy farm the center will pick up the milk and process it. I like this project because it helps rural farmers have a steady income source. At the moment they don’t export much of their products. They do export some to India but much is kept and sold in Bhutan. Another thing the center does is artificial insemination. They took us to the lab where they do this procedure. The lead lab expert demonstrated how the whole process is done; he   explained each step and described what each machine did.
At the dairy research lab
I had a great time at the center and learned about the sustainability - based dairy industry in Bhutan. I also got to meet with four veterinarians and ask them about their schooling. I might even be able to do an internship here!
Brisa H.


  1. That sounds very interesting, hop you are able to go back!

  2. I agree with Katharine! Do the farmers receive revenues from the Government for this or is it from selling the milk?

  3. Above is Caleb F. by the way :P


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